Erbil to announce the location of Kurdistan's National Museum

Monday, 15 April 2013


Nawzad Hadi, governor of Erbil visited Erbil's old Silo in order to evaluate the Location for implementing the project of Kurdistan's National Museum. Mr. Hadi was accompanied by Tahir Abdullah Deputy Governor and Haidar Hassan head of Erbil's archeological sites.


"The decision has been made to create Kurdistan's National Museum in Erbil's old silo ground as a natural expansion of Minaret Park and the first implementing step will get the budget of 10 Billion Iraqi Dinars from KRG's ministry of municipals and tourism" stated Nawzad Hadi.

He also proclaimed that in near future preparations will start for the project to take place in cooperation with Erbil Governorate and other related directories.

The old silo is located on the 60 meter road and it contains 30 thousand km² by finishing the project Erbil will get another Nationalistic symbol as many other capitals in the world have it, meanwhile it will be another gate to attract tourists to the city.



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