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Fifty kilometers outside the bustling city of Erbil, the regional capital of Kurdistan, along the famous Hamilton Road (Highway 3) lays the resort town of Shaqlawa, home of the Stars Hotel and Convention Center. The well known town of Shaqlawa is famous for its great weather and relaxing atmosphere, that was the summer resort of Middle Eastern royalty in former times.

Shaqlawa has always been a diverse and peaceful town with a mix of Christian and Muslim inhabitants. Sitting in the valley alongside the magnificent Safeen mountain range, the Stars Hotel complex includes a luxurious group of “Swedish Village cabins with incredible views of the town center, the valley and the surrounding mountains -- an ideal vacation setting for anyone wanting to get away from the routine of a city hotel. Our gardens attract many summertime parties and dinner banquets for guests from all over Iraq and abroad.

Your hosts at the Stars Hotel invite you to come and experience this unique and different place for yourself.



The Stars Hotel and Convention Center can accommodate your party or just yourself. We offer single rooms, double rooms, and even triple bed suites besides the Swedish Village log cabins which have a living quarter, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Our hotel offers Wi-Fi Internet service along with satellite television with over 100 channels of international broadcasting. Our onsite laundry service is the quickest you will find in Shaqlawa.

Whether you are staying for one night or one month, we can accommodate you and your guests with an experience you will never forget. Our staff makes sure that you will feel like a member of their family.


The food served in the Stars Restaurant is one of the main attractions at the Stars Hotel and Conference Center. Our international chefs prepare meals from all over the world. Rarely can you find a restaurant of this nature in Iraq that can prepare such a variety of international foods under one roof.

Sit and enjoy your meal and have a look at the Safeen mountain range while you eat your meal and listen to music from around the world. A full bar with international beers and wines that go along with our international cuisines is on site. Please don't take our word for it, come and taste for yourself!


Convention Center

Whether you are bringing your family for a Shaqlawa vacation or your company is looking to host a conference, the Stars Hotel and Convention Center has all the necessary facilities to provide the full range of needs for event. Our state of the art convention center along with our cabins were designed and built by a Swedish firm with special features that are unique in Iraq.

We have three conference halls that can hold from 50 to 250 people along with a restaurant and bar.

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere even for business gatherings, the Stars Hotel and Convention center is the perfect place for your next event.

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