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Hotel Sky Star

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Sky Star hotel building was started to build in 2005 and opened in 5/7/2008. It is built on 580 m2 of land and consists of six main floors. There is elevator in it and it has 32 rooms with 9 extra Swedish rooms.
The hotel is built, in accordance with modern design and it locates in center of Erbil (Hawler) city. It is approximately two kilometers far from Erbil International Airport.

  1. Bed Rooms: Single bed room, twin /double bed room, triple / three bed room, four bed rooms, room for newlyweds and Swedish rooms.
  2. Amenities in every room are: Television, Satellite, Landline telephone, fridge, cupboard and toilet table. Also, free of charge internet access is available in every room.
  3. Sitting Hall: It is prepared for our dear guests with free of charge internet access.
  4. Cafeteria: Sky Star cafeteria is situated in the first floor and they are ready to deliver and serve various kinds of drinks.
  5. Restaurant: Sky Star restaurant is ready to prepare and deliver every kind of east and west foods and drinks with consideration the best quality and delicious taste. The restaurant is situated in second floor and breakfast is served from (08:00  10:00 am) in the mornings. After 10:00 am in the morning, breakfast will no longer be served.
  6. Conference Hall: Our hall is ready for our dear guests for every conference. The conference hall holds 50 persons and data show is available as well as free of charge internet access is provided in the hall.
  7. Sports Hall: Our sports hall has 6 types of sport instruments¦
  8. Sauna: Sauna room is available for our dear guests.
  9. Garage for parking car: it is situated in the basement of the hotel and holds 15 to 20 cars.
  10. Transporting guests from Erbil International Airport to our hotel.
  11. Reception: warm welcome for our guests with best of services.


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